Sunday, 16 October 2011

Blog action day food glorious food..

Today is blog action day and everyone who signed up has to do a blog with the theme of food. To me food can be sociable, comforting, food can be a hobby. But only recently through doing projects in school have I realized how important food really is to people, food is also a life saver. People in 1st countries sometimes take food for granted like giving out because they don't like the dinner that was made for them everyone can be guilty of it sometimes. But I've learned that people in some 3rd world countries live on less then a dollar a day struggling to provide for there families. I hate to think of people starving sometimes it feels like the 1st and  3rd world are on completely different planets the contrast is huge.

Food can also be your favorite thing in the world my favorite food has to be chocolate. Seems that is nearly Halloween i'm going to talk about the tradition of one of its native food the barnbrack cake. Barnbrack is a fruit bread traditional in ireland. The tradition starts with each family member receiving a slice of cake. In the cake there is a piece of rag, a coin and a ring everyone is looking to see if they have one of these items in their slice. If you get the piece of rag it means your financial future for the year is doubtful , if you get the the coin it means your year will be prosperous and if you get the ring it means an impending romance or the continue happiness...

And that was my blog on Food...

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